Naskah Publikasi dan Jurnal Penelitian Maritime Economics & Logistics

  1. A methodology to assess vessel berthing and speed optimization policies  FREE

    J Fernando Alvarez, Tore Longva and Erna S Engebrethsen
  2. Logistical rivalries and port competition for container flows to US markets: Impacts of changes in Canada’s logistics system and expansion of the Panama Canal FREE

    Lei Fan, William W Wilson and Denver Tolliver
  3. Joint Routing and Deployment of a Fleet of Container Vessels  FREE

    José Fernando Álvarez
  4. Structural Factors Underlying Mergers and Acquisitions in Liner Shipping FREE

    Mike Fusillo
  5. The Clean Trucks Program: Evaluation of Policy Impacts on Marine Terminal Operations FREE

    Anne Goodchild and Karthik Mohan
  6. A New Approach to Port Choice Modelling FREE

    Mateus Magala and Adrian Sammons
  7. The Effects of Market Differences on the Throughput of Large Container Terminals with Similar Levels of Efficiency FREE

    Robert A Cochrane
  8. Coordination in Hinterland Transport Chains: A Major Challenge for the Seaport Community FREE

    Martijn R Van Der Horst and Peter W De Langen
  9. Liner Shipping Connectivity and Port Infrastructure as Determinants of Freight Rates in the Caribbean FREE

    Gordon Wilmsmeier and Jan Hoffmann
  10. Containerisation, Box Logistics and Global Supply Chains: The Integration of Ports and Liner Shipping Networks FREE

    Theo Notteboom and Jean-Paul Rodrigue

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