Naskah Publikasi dan Jurnal Penelitian Information Technology

Seizing the opportunity: towards a historiography of information systems

Nathalie Mitev and François-Xavier De Vaujany
J Inf Technol 27: 110-124; advance online publication, February 7, 2012; doi:10.1057/jit.2012.1

The design construct in information systems design science

Judy McKay, Peter Marshall and Rudy Hirschheim
J Inf Technol 27: 125-139; doi:10.1057/jit.2012.5

Knowledge management governance: the road to continuous benefits realization

Suzanne Zyngier and Frada Burstein
J Inf Technol 27: 140-155; advance online publication, November 22, 2011; doi:10.1057/jit.2011.31

An empirical examination of antecedents and consequences of IT governance in US hospitals

Randy V Bradley, Terry Anthony Byrd, Jeannie L Pridmore, Evelyn Thrasher, Renée ME Pratt and Victor WA Mbarika
J Inf Technol 27: 156-177; doi:10.1057/jit.2012.3

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