Naskah Publikasi dan Jurnal Penelitian Qualitative Research for Social Study

Kristina Ackel-Eisnach, Caroline Mueller (Germany): Perspective, Method, and Data Triangulation in the Evaluation of a Local Educational Landscape

Susanne Bressan (Germany): Review: Dirk Michel (2009). Politisierung und Biographie. Politische Einstellungen deutscher Zionisten und Holocaustueberlebender [Political Socialization and Biography: German Zionists and Holocaust Survivors and Their Political Attitudes]

Olga Galanova (Germany): Turning a Private Story into a Public Event. Frame Analysis of Scandals in Television Performance

Maria Heckel (Germany), David Rester, Bernd Seeberger (Austria): “Und den Geschmack habe ich heute auch noch auf der Zunge” [“Even today I still have that taste on my tongue”]. Smell and Taste in the Course of Life—A Qualitative Experiment

Ronald Hitzler (Germany): The Ritual Construction of the Person: Facets of Experiencing a Human Being in a So-called Vegetative State

Laura Lane, Nancy Taber, Vera Woloshyn (Canada): Negotiating Tensions in Researching, Facilitating, and Critiquing Gender: Exploring Institutional and Feminist Influences

Marina Richter (Switzerland): Researching Transnational Social Spaces: A Qualitative Study of the Spanish Second Generation in Switzerland

Rolf F.H. Schroeder (Germany): Review: Christian Thiel (2011). Das “bessere” Geld: Eine ethnographische Studie ueber Regionalwaehrungen [“Better” Money: An Ethnographic Study about Regional Currencies]

Rainer Schuetzeichel (Germany): Review Essay: Understanding in Professional Interactions

Marlen Schulz, Michael Ruddat (Germany): “Let’s talk about sex!” On the Applicability of Telephone Interviews in Qualitative Social Research

Kathryn Dawn Weaver (Canada), Kristine Martin-McDonald (Australia), Judith Spiers (Canada): Mirroring Voices of Mother, Daughter and Therapist in Anorexia Nervosa


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