Naskah Publikasi dan Jurnal Penelitian Banking Regulation

Do dynamic provisions enhance bank solvency and reduce credit procyclicality? A study of the Chilean Banking system

Jorge A Chan-Lau
J Bank Regul 13: 178-188; advance online publication, April 18, 2012; doi:10.1057/jbr.2012.4

Reforming governance of ‘too big to fail’ banks: The prudent investor RULE and enhanced governance disclosures by bank boards of directors

Michael Alles and John Friedland
J Bank Regul 13: 189-210; advance online publication, November 30, 2011; doi:10.1057/jbr.2011.25

The regulation of short selling: A pragmatic view

Imad Moosa
J Bank Regul 13: 211-227; advance online publication, April 25, 2012; doi:10.1057/jbr.2012.6

The structure, regulation and supervision of Islamic banks

Simon Archer and Rifaat Ahmed Abdel Karim
J Bank Regul 13: 228-240; advance online publication, April 4, 2012; doi:10.1057/jbr.2012.3

Market discipline and banking system transparency: Do we need more information?

Maria Semenova
J Bank Regul 13: 241-248; advance online publication, November 16, 2011; doi:10.1057/jbr.2011.21

Forecasting and stress testing the risk-based capital requirements for revolving retail exposures

Kwamie Dunbar
J Bank Regul 13: 249-263; advance online publication, May 16, 2012; doi:10.1057/jbr.2012.5

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