Naskah Publikasi dan Jurnal Penelitian Psychoanalysis

Sacrifice: Psychodynamic, Cultural and Clinical Aspects

Salman Akhtar and Archana Varma
Am J Psychoanal 72: 95-117; doi:10.1057/ajp.2012.7

Loss of Humanness: The Ultimate Trauma

Judith L Alpert
Am J Psychoanal 72: 118-138; doi:10.1057/ajp.2012.8

Destructive Women and the Men Who Can’t Leave Them: Pathological Dependence or Pathological Omnipotence?

Henry J Friedman
Am J Psychoanal 72: 139-151; doi:10.1057/ajp.2012.12

Psychosis: A Synthesis of Motivational and Defect Perspectives

Brad Earl Bowins
Am J Psychoanal 72: 152-165; doi:10.1057/ajp.2012.10

Father and Son: Freud Revisits his Oedipus Complex in Moses and Monotheism

Jerome Appelbaum
Am J Psychoanal 72: 166-184; doi:10.1057/ajp.2012.11

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